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Q&A: Low Cost Bladder for Rainwater Collection

FAQ: What rainwater tank would be best for storing under a deck?


temporary storage for rainwaterHello, I'm looking for lower cost "bladder" style rainwater collection container/s and related hardware. I want to supplement rainwater into an existing (traditional) irrigation system. Any ideas? I have about a .3 acre yard (for sprinklers) and a few flower beds (using drip lines). So that's one variable.

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, where we can have some dry summers (last year or two they put major restrictions on watering your lawns). So I'm trying to find the balance between overall cost, maximum storage, reasonable estimate of rainwater available, AND how much water is used in a typical "watering" by our irrigation system.

I would store the tank under a large porch with additional space under a large attached deck. I'm a home improvement contractor and have the technical aptitude to install it myself so I'm only looking for suppliers of "containers" and related hardware (valves, pumps, etc.). I'm open to any style of container. Given the space I have under my porch I could also use a rigid style. I just don't know which "material" is going to cost less.

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Answer: flexible tanks for rainwater harvesting

For the type of storage you are looking to achieve, the best option would probably be one of our Rainwater Harvesting Pillow Tank. These tanks are designed in multiple capacities, flexible exteriors, and can be an economical choice for the type of underground storage you need. This rainwater collection container can be made in almost any size from 1 to 210,000 gallons.

Most profiles for these rainwater storage tanks will have a maximum height of around five feet (5') to fit in low profile areas. Depending on the capacity you are looking to store, different tanks may have different profiles than others. In our general sizing, tanks have been known to have a capacity of up to 13,000 gallons while still only featuring a filled height of three feet (3').

We can also make custom sizes to specifically fit in a storage location, depending on your requirements and rainfall amounts. For more information please don't hesitate to give us a call!