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Flexible Tanks for Jet Fuel Storage

I'm looking for a tank for jet fuel storage tank. I need to store approximately 50,000 gallons of Jet A Fuel and want to store it all in one tank. Do you have something like this?


Thank you for contact us! For fuel storage of this size, the best option would be one of our Flexible Fuel Tanks. These tanks are built in several large capacities to store as much as 210,000 gallons. This includes a 50,000 gallon tank option that can successfully store your jet A fuel.

Components of the Flexible Fuel Tank

The flexible fuel tank is built with several components that allow the tank to be used in large fuel storage applications.

flexible tank to store fuelFeatures included on these tanks will include the following:

  • Flexible, Fuel-Compatible Storage Material
  • Robust Fitting to Accommodate Fuel Hoses and Pumps
  • Large or Small Storage Capacities
  • Fabrics for Hot or Cold Climates
  • Low Profile for Height Restricted Sapces
  • Folding or Rolling Exterior for Low-Cost Transportation

These Bulk Capacity Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks or Fuel Blivets are typically used on large military (Department of Defense) operations, (FEMA) relief efforts where power outages effect ability to supply fuel, rural construction sites and even island communities where fuel deliveries are infrequent or remote.

Additional Storage Components

containment bermDue to the potentially harmful nature of fuel, these tanks are typically used with either a Tank Liner or Containment Berm to help provide secondary containment for the contents of the tank. This can help to store small fuel spills and prevent them from seeping into the environment.

For more information on these tanks, please check out our Jet Fuel Storage Tank.

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