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Round Horizontal Plastic Tanks

round storage tankThis horizontal round storage tank is constructed from one seamless piece of linear polyethylene and is designed to store and transport your materials in non-DOT regulated applications. With UV stabilization, this horizontal storage tank can be stored outdoors without fear of damage due to light or other weather elements.

These units are ready to purchase in sizes ranging from 15 to 1625 gallons and most are available with steel platforms and straps, allowing you to mount this round storage tank on your vehicles. This can be great for transporting materials such as fertilizers easily and efficiently. This tank type can also be used for chemical storage.

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Round Storage Tanks
Capacity Dimension LC Tanks LC Tanks w/ Sump LA Tanks LA Tanks w/ Sump
15 gal. 14" X 30" TA1430TA1430--
25 gal. 16" X 34" -TA1634--
30 gal. 22" X 18" --TC2218-
35 gal. 18" X 34" TA1834-TA1834-
65 gal. 22" X 48" TC2248-TC2248-
65 gal. 24" X 39" --TA2439-
125 gal. 29" X 48" TC2948-TC2948-
125 gal. 32" X 40" TA3240-TA3240-
165 gal. 32" X 51" TA3251-TA3251-
200 gal. 38" X 42" TC3842-TC3842-
200 gal. 38" X 45" TC3845-TC3845-
225 gal. 38" X 52" TC3852-TC3852-
225 gal. 38" X 52" TA3852-TA3852-
300 gal. 38" X 66" TC3866-TC3866-
300 gal. 44" X 72" TC4472-TC4472-
335 gal. 44" X 56" TA4456-TA4456-
535 gal. 48" X 78" TA4878-TA4878-
550 gal. 54" X 76" TC5476-TC5476-
735 gal. 48" X 103" TA735X-TA735X-
925 gal. 62" X 81" TA6281TA6281TA6281TA6281
1065 gal. 58" X 106" TA1065TA1065TA1065TA1065
1300 gal. 62" X 114" TA1300TA1300TA1300TA1300
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Looking for Pricing? Check out these tanks in our Plastic Tanks Web Store.



  • Linear Polyethylene Seamless Construction
  • Molded Legs
  • Vented Manway Standard, Non-Vented and Hinged Manways Available
  • Resin Complies with Food and Drug Administration regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 3.1 and 3.2
  • UV Stabilized
  • Anti-Surge Baffles for Tanks 525-1625 Gallons


  • Offers Excellent Stability
  • Non-DOT Regulated Transport
  • Complies with Regulations for Safe Storage
  • Capable of Being Stored Outdoors
  • Excellent Impact and Chemical Resistance
  • Customizable

This round storage tank has low, compact design that includes that addition of molded in legs for transportation. This has allowed the tank to be stored in the back of pickup trucks, trailers, tractors, and even around your facility. Round horizontal tanks are typically used for the storage of agricultural products that can include spray fluids, water, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and more.

Tanks include the ability to be transported around facilities and in other non-DOT regulated transportation areas.

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