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Secondary Containment Options for Fuel & Paint

Secondary Containment Berms: Foam Walls

Question on secondary containment for fuel tanks: Hello, I am looking for a quote on your product as a secondary containment option for some of our fuel tanks and paint. We are a marina and need these in place ASAP. Thank you.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For fuel tank containment there are a couple of different options you could consider depending on the size of your fuel tanks and the type of containment you require. Options for secondary containment may include containers for storing up to 110% the contents of your tank or for acting as a liner underneath your equipment.

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Spill Berms

secondary containment berm

A common option for secondary containment under fuel tanks is a Spill Containment Berms. A spill containment berm is essentially a liner with walls that is used to contain and control liquids in the event of a spill. These berms are commonly made with either foam or aluminum angle walls to capture and contain liquids.

Aluminum Angle Berm

secondary containment bermIf your primary focus is on containment for the fuel tanks, a great option may be one of our Aluminum Angle Berms. These berms contain aluminum angle brackets that are inserted into the side walls of the berm to form a rigid containment structure. If required, these berms can be built to sizes that provide enough volume for secondary containment.

Aluminum angle berms include the following components:

  • Aluminum Angle Walls
  • Berm Liner
  • Optional Drain Fittings
  • Optional Ground Liners

Spill Trays

spill trays

If you are looking to store small fuel tanks and/or paint cans, another option may be one of our Spill Containment Trays. These trays can be made with are smaller in size and are perfect for containment under smaller items or materials.

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