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Fuel Tank Containment

Secondary Containment for a Fuel or Diesel tank

Secondary Containment for Fuel Tanks is typically a requirement for any location that is storing, transferring or handling fuel. Used under steel tanks, pillow tanks, and other fuel storage units, these products are designed to temporarily hold fuel in the event of a leak or spill. Due to the nature of these materials, containment products are designed with robust materials that are equipped to handle various chemicals, fuels and hazardous materials.

Secondary Containment Requirements

dike tanksDue to the hazardous nature of oil products (such as diesel fuel, gasoline or oil), storage and containment of these products is regulated by the EPA and SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure) standards. These rules require containment of hazardous materials so that they do not contaminated surrounding areas or waterways. Some of the most common secondary containment requirements can be found on the site below:

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Fuel Containment Options

Working to address the needs of different secondary containment options, Portable Tanks, a division of Water Storage Tanks offers secondary containment for diesel tanks and other fuel tanks including steel tanks, pillow tanks, drums, and oil containers.

Diesel Fuel Containment Options Include:

Spill Containment Berms

spill containment bermSpill Containment Berms are one of the most flexible options for secondary containment under any tank or fueling vehicle. Made from robust fabrics, spill berms are designed to provide a flexible containment area under and around drums, tanks, containers, and vehicles. When compared to rigid options, flexible containment berms can offer any of the following advantages:

  • Custom Sizes Available to Fit Unique Shapes
  • Easy to Transport when Empty
  • Foldable for Easy Storage
  • Quick Set Up During Emergencies
  • High Resistance to a Range of Chemicals
  • Robust Materials

Spill Berms are available in many different models including Foam Wall, Aluminum Angle Wall, and Drive Through Options.

Above Ground Tanks

steel dike tanksIn addition to flexible spill berms, Portable Tanks, a division of Water Storage Tanks also offers Above Ground Steel Tanks that feature a range of built-in secondary containment. Options include:

  • Dike Tanks
  • Double Wall Tanks
  • Steel Tanks with Overfill Protection

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