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Flexible Spill Basin Sizes

High Resistance Spill Basins for Secondary Containment

Spill Basins in many sizesFlexible Containment Basins are a quick and easy way to contain liquids, catch leaks and temporarily hold tools during construction or maintenance projects. Made from a high resistance, flexible liner, these flexible spill basins are able to hold almost any liquid or material that may be present on your site.

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Spill Basins Sizes

Part Number Dimensions ft. (m) Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg)
8850 2 x 2 x .5 (.6 x .6 x .2) 15 (56.8) 3.00 (1.4)
8852 4 x 4 x .5 (1.2 x 1.2 x .2) 60 (227.1) 7.00 (3.2)
8854 6 x 4 x .5 (1.8 x 1.2 x .2) 75 (283.9) 9.00 (4.1)

Liner Material: 18 oz PVC

Spill Containment Tray and Berm Uses & Applications

mini spill basinsThe spill containment basin is a versatile product that has been mostly frequently used in fast response situations as well as stationary containment of smaller hazardous materials.

Common Applications Include:

  • Containment for Paint Cans & Equipment
  • Small Containment Around Generators, Pumps & Pressure Washers
  • Hydraulic Leaks or Breaks
  • Spill Response Situations
  • Overspill Protection for Tanks
  • Containment for Small Spills or Leaks

Mini trays are made from high resistance materials such as PVC, Elvaloy and Urethane. Please be sure to let us know what type of liquid you will be storing in the tray. This way we will know the best liquid to meet compatibility requirements for your materials.

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Large Secondary Containment Options

mini spill basinsWe also offer a wide range of larger secondary containment products designed to help with the storage of tanks, vehicles and other potential hazardous materials. Items include:

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