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Spill Berm Specifications

Aluminum Angle Spill Berms for Secondary Containment Compliance

See Specifications for Spill Berm Sizes and FabricsBelow you will find the technical specifications, features, and benefits for the Aluminum Angle Spill Containment Berm. The aluminum angle berm features a rigid wall structure, high resistance liner material, and multiple fitting options to accommodate various storage requirements. Berms can be built to meet short term containment requirements under leaking tanks or machinery, as well as long-term containment under storage vessels.

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Aluminum Angle Berm Technical Specifications

Aluminum angle berms are constructed using several high strength materials that allow the berm to retain its performance and flexibility over various periods of time.

Spill Berms Specifications:

*All berms come with standard aluminum angle brackets. If you are looking to store liquid in the berm that will reach 100% of the berm's capacity, ask about our heavy duty angle bracket options.

Optional Accessories:

  • Ground Covers, Cloths & Liners
  • Heavy Duty Tread Pads
  • Drain Fittings
  • Patch & Repair Kits
  • Carry & Storage Bags



Spill Berm Benefits:

  • Easy to Set Up and Deploy
  • Standard and Custom Sizing
  • Removable Side Walls
  • Light in Weight
  • Large Containment Capacity
  • Helps Sites Avoid Costly Fines
  • Equipped with a High Level of Chemical Resistance


Questions? We can help! Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.