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Spill Berms for Fracking Secondary Containment

Spill Berms Provide Security & Practicality in the Field

Spill Berms for Secondary Containment" As the EPA works to review and understand the effects of hydraulic fracking, many companies have worked to stay in compliance with existing regulations and provide a safe storage and containment area for their fracking equipment. When working with or storing any type of potentially harmful material, having the proper secondary containment system can help protect these elements from entering the environment and causing harm to surrounding wildlife, plants and communities. Items like Secondary Containment Spill Berms can be extremely useful in containing these liquids as larger items can be driven directly onto the berm.

Aluminum angle berms have a unique structure and setup that includes the use of a high resistance liner and aluminum angle brackets. These brackets form a ninety degree angle that offers support to both the side and bottom of the berm. This creates a firm setup that can handle the storage of several gallons of water or liquid that may leak from frac tanks, pump, valves, vehicles or pipes.

Spill containment berms can be placed directly under a tank, pump, vehicle, pipe, or leaking valve to form a tank-like structure that can temporarily store or collect liquids as parts are being maintained or worked on. When not assembled, these berms can be quickly moved in required spots around your location with the aluminum brackets being installed upon arrival.

Made from materials like 40 mil HDPE, these high resistance liners have been used for containment under frac tanks, pipes, valves, and other machinery. Berm liners are equipped to handle liquids such as fuel, water, oil and more.

Spill containment products have been used for decades to hold and contain chemical and oil spills. Typically made out of hard plastic and heavy-duty materials, our flexible, collapsible, light weight, and easily movable spill berms are the perfect product to stay in compliance in static or remote locations for the oil, gas and mining industries. Our 40 mil HDPE spill berms are made for containment underneath frac tanks or used for pumps and other industrial equipment storage that requires secondary containment. These spill berms are a modern product to finish any field job successfully.”

Helping companies across the world with containment of hydrocarbons, fuel, and chemical-based materials with spill berms for fracking, oil fields, and mining areas.

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