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Frame Containment Tank Specifications

Containment Tank Sizes, Specs, and Features Made in the USA

Below you will find the technical specifications, features and benefits for the Frame Containment Tank. These spill containment and decon tanks feature a robust inner fabric liner and rigid outer walls to successfully contain both large and small quantities of liquid. In addition, frame tanks are also incredibly easy to fold and transport, making them the perfect choice for portable or multi-use applications.

For additional information: Frame Containment Tank Product Flyer (PDF).

Frame Containment Tank Technical Specifications

Frame confilling a frame tanktainment tanks are constructed using a variety of high strength material options that allow the tanks to be used in multiple containment and decontamination applications.


  • Types: Steel frame, aluminum frame
  • Frame Material: Steel frame, made of 7/8 of 14 gauge HREW P&O carbon. Aluminum frame, made of 1 inch x 1 inch x 125 inch 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Multiple Sizes Available

Optional Accessories:

  • Ground Covers, Cloth & Liners
  • Drain Fittings: 3/4 inch, 1 1/2 inch fittings
  • Drain Tube: 7 inch diameter drain tube
  • Patch & Repair Kits
  • Carry & Storage Bags


  • Perfect for Emergency Spill Response
  • Compact for Areas where Storage Space is Minimal
  • Accessories for Added Protection Against Rough and Rocky Surfaces
  • Custom Sizes & Heights Available
  • Helps Comply with Local Regulations
  • Tough & Robust Outer Material Fabric
  • Easy to Set Up, Transport, and Store Materials
  • Ready for Quick Deployment in Emergency Situations

Additional Frame Containment Tank Information

The folding frame tank has also been used in fire fighting relief efforts in remote locations such as forests, rural areas, or other secluded spots. Since these tanks have a fast set-up time, they are ideal for efforts that require quick transportation, reliable structures, and easy-to-deploy systems.

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