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Portable Grey Water Tank Options

FAQ: What tank is recommended for grey water collection
at a remote camping location?

Customer was looking for a grey water tank for a camping facility and am wondering if the water bladder tanks could work for this location. See more on sizing options for this tank.

grey water flexible tanksQuestion: Hi, I am setting up a business to provide onsite fire camp washing of clothes and was informed that I will need a 1,500 gallon bladder bag to collect the grey water. Can you tell me more about this? Would it be able to work for this type of application.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! Water Bladder Tanks are an excellent choice for grey water storage in outdoor locations, including on camping sites. To accommodate various applications and water storage needs, we do offer several different fabrics for drinking water, grey water, and outdoor locations.

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Collapsible Tank Information

In order to provide you with the best water bladder tank for your application, we would first need to know some additional information about your application including:

  • Intended Storage Length
  • Fittings Required (if needed)
  • Outdoor Storage Conditions (temperatures, surroundings etc.)
  • Restriction on your Storage Location

After this we can determine the best option for your location in terms of fabric weight and resistances.

Flexible Water Tanks for Outdoor Locations

Flexible water tanks offer several advantages for outdoor locations such as camping sites. Some of the most common advantages customers find when using this tank include the following:

  • Folds up for Easy Transportation to your Camping Site
  • Multiple Fitting Options to Accommodate Hoses
  • Fabric Options for All Water Types and Outdoor Conditions
  • Robust Materials for Outdoor Storage Requirements

If you are planning on storing this tank in an outdoor location, you might also consider the use of the Ground Cloth or Liner. These materials go underneath the tank to help protect the tank against abrasion and natural wear and tear.

Our friendly staff is here to help you get the exact tank you need!

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