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Tanks for Wastewater Storage

FAQ: What tanks can hold 2,000 gallons of wastewater?

Customer was looking for a wastewater storage tank to hold around 2,000 gallon of wastewater materials. They did not have any restrictions regarding the type or sizing of the tank. For more information on options for this type of storage, check out all the tank options for wastewater storage.

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Wastewater Storage Tanks

For wastewater storage, there are a few different options that you can consider, depending on your storage location, available space, and where you are looking to store this tank. These options can vary anywhere from rigid storage tanks to flexible storage options. Options include:

Steel Tanks

Our Steel Storage Tanks are available in both above ground and underground models to accommodate different waste water storage needs. These tanks are available in both a single and double wall model for easy storage. Typical steel tank options include:

  • steel storage tanksVertical or Horizontal Setup
  • Above Ground or Underground Storage
  • Single or Double Walls
  • Typical Sizes up to 25,000 or 30,000 gallons

Fiberglass Tanks

For successful waste water storage, we also offer fiberglass storage tanks that can be used to store your materials. These tanks include both above ground and underground options depending on your requirements.

Flexible Waste Water Tanks

In addition, we also offer a Flexible Wastewater Tank option that can help to store your materials. These flexible tanks are designed for above ground storage and features capacities up to 210,000 gallons for bulk wastewater storage.

waste water storage tanks Some features found on these tanks will include the following:

  • Capacities: Anywhere from 25 to 210,000 gallons
  • Flexible Materials
  • Multiple Fittings Options


Questions? We can help! Call us: +1-863-270-8118 or contact us to discuss your project.