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Water Storage Tanks for Drinking Water

FAQ: Are there small water storage tanks for confined spaces?

Question: Hi, I am in need of a water storage tank. I need to store drinking water, ideally in a small storage area with a height of about 5 feet. I was originally looking for a poly tank but I don't know if there's one that can fit in my location. Is there a collapsible tank that might work for this or is the poly tank a better choice? pillow tank

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For storing drinking water, either the poly tank or the collapsible tank could work. Choosing which one might work best in your location can depend on preference and how much water you need to store.

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In general, using a Collapsible Tank can offer you many advantages in terms of storage space. Regardless of capacity, collapsible tanks tend to have a very low profile in terms of height. They usually sit at heights anywhere from one foot (1') to five feet (5'). This can help provide you with a low-level tank that will easily fit in your smaller location.

For potable water storage, we would recommend using the DOD Spec WST58 material. Using this material can offer you some of the following advantages:

  • NSF 61 and FDA Approved: This makes it safe for storing drinking water.
  • Contact Time of 1-7 years: This helps keep your drinking water in storage for as long as you require.
  • Fittings: Standard fittings are 3/4" to 2"
  • Low Profile: Heights range from 1-5 feet, allowing most tanks to fit in your specified storage space.
  • Large Range of Capacities: Tanks can be made in any size ranging from 130 gallons to around 200,000 gallons.
  • Holds up well in Various Climates

water storage tanks To fit in the storage space you mentioned, a great choice in terms of polyethylene is one of our Specialty Plastic Holding Tanks. These tanks are made in unique styles that can fit into unique storage spaces. As you can see from the picture, one of our models is low to the ground and has the profile that can fit in your small space. Dimensions of this low profile tank style include:

  • 1,250 gallon tank: 80" W x 35" H x 132" L
  • 1,500 gallon tank: 81" W x 41" H x 130" L
  • 2,400 gallon tank: 90" W x 51" H x 149" L

Either water storage tank could work well in your location and provide you with safe storage of drinking water.

A Wide Variety of Plastic Water Storage Tank Options

You can also view our full selection of polyethylene water storage tanks on our Plastic Tanks Main Page. Some of the tanks that might also work for your location include:

  • Horizontal Water Tanks
  • Leg Tanks
  • Elliptical Tanks
  • Underground Water Storage Tanks

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