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What Tanks do you Offer for Water?

Do you have water tanks for sale? I need a tank that can store water. I am looking for one about 5000 gallons in capacity. I will be storing drinking water.

We offer several different water tanks that can help you with the storage of potable water. A favorite for many of our customers is the Vertical Poly Water Tank. This tank is designed specifically for the storage of potable water and features a green exterior for safely storing water in outdoor locations.

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The green vertical water tanks are exclusively made for the storage of potable water and have several features that make it will equipped to handle this liquid. These features include:

poly water tank

  • Green Exterior: Helps block out light and prevent growth of algae inside the tank.
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for the safe storage of potable water.
  • UV Stabilized: This helps the tank hold up in outdoor storage conditions.
  • Cylindrical, Closed Top Design: This stable, covered structure allows you to safely store your water without worrying about stability or contamination.
  • Threaded Inlets and Outlets & Vented Twist Entry

This plastic water tank is manufactured in sizes ranging from 45 to 10,000 gallons (including two 5000 gallon models) giving you many options for you storage requirements.


These water storage tanks have been constructed from a polyethylene material and are well equipped to handle rust and corrosion that may occur during storage. The benefits to this type of storage include:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Storage Capability
  • Equipped of Potable Water Storage
  • Closed Lid for Added Protection
  • Green Exterior for Algae-Resistance

Other Water Tanks for Sale:

pickup truck tankFor successful drinking water storage, we also have several other plastic water tanks that can help you with this type of storage. Tanks include:

  • Pickup Truck Tanks
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Specialty Tanks (low and slender profiles for water storage)
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