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Flexible Frac Tank - Fabric Options

FAQ: What materials are Frac Tanks made from? Do you have Specs?

Question: I was wondering about your Frac Tanks. What material are they made out of? Do you have material specs? life expectancy, etc.?


flexible frac tanksThank you for your inquiry. Our Flexible Frac Tanks are usually made from a high grade urethane material. This will typically include either a 32 oz. or 34 oz. urethane material to help provide a high resistance to liquid located within the tank, as well as a thicker option to handle the weight of liquid being placed inside the tank.

For a spec sheet, drawings, or pricing information regarding one of these flexible units, please feel free to contact us.

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Flexible Tank Life Expectancy

Due to the demanding use often placed on these tanks, the life expectancy for the tank may vary depending on several different factors including:

  • Tank Care and Use
  • How Often then are Filled and Emptied
  • How they are Stored

Due to the various uses and applications, life expectancy will vary between 1-7 years. Harsher climates and rough handling will decrease the life expectancy. With care, we expect most tanks to last around 5 years.

Flexible Frac Tank Advantages

flexible fract tanks

Using the pillow style frac tank has many benefits. It has 50 percent better heat retention and efficiency than steel and you'll have less trucking costs and higher storage capacity through collapsible, flexible tank style. There is no road transportation permitting needed, no support matting required, and less CO emissions are being emitted into the atmosphere through a lower number of transportation trucks and less onsite truck usage. Learn more about Frac Tank Materials & Specifications.


Questions? We can help! Call us: +1-863-270-8118 or contact us to discuss your project.