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Pillow Tank Fittings

FAQ: Where are the fittings located on the pillow tank?

Question on fitting locations for pillow tanks: I am wondering where the fitting(s) are located on the pillow tanks. I need them on the 48 inch end. Is there more than one?

The bag can be filled through the outlet as simply as any other place. Is there a link to the web page where I can see the actual fitting? I have no real idea what the 1.5" looks like. I would need to convert it to a standard garden hose fitting in use. Is there an adapter available? Could the quote be updated with the storage/carry bag for each tank, a fitting to go down to garden hose size (is that 3/4") for each tank, and a note to place the standard fittings on the 48" end of
each tank.

I see from the picture on the web page you sent me the link for that the black tank has metal tie downs installed. Is that what I will be getting?

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Answer: pillow tanksFittings for the Pillow Tanks can actually be placed in almost any location around the tank. The standard fitting that is usually supplied is a ball valve with adapter to match your specific requirements. If you would like additional fittings, please let us know what size, what type, and were you would like them located on the tank.

Standard Fittings:

Our standard fittings will be in sizes from 3/4" to 2" to fit various storage requirements. Larger fittings are available upon request in sizes from 4" to 6". Please specify the best option for your location. Fittings types commonly used include camlock, storz, and threaded.

Additional Fittings:

Additional fitting options can also be added upon request to desired locations around your tank. Optional fittings include emergency plugs, ports, pressure relief valves, spare parts, repair kits and more.