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Pressure Relief Valves for Pillow Tanks

FAQ: Why do I need a pressure relief valve on a pillow tank?

Question regarding a pillow tank pressure relief valve: I'm looking for a price for 360 x 20,000 litre pillow tank for potable water. I saw that these tanks will include a pressure relief valve. Could you tell me how much this tank is and what the pressure relief valve is for on potable water pillow tanks? pillow tanks

Answer: Thank you for contacting Portable Tanks, a division of Water Storage Tanks, with your inquiry. As you have mentioned, our Pillow Tanks are built with standard fittings including ball valves
and pressure relief vents. The ball valves are designed in sizing that ranges from 3/4" to 2" and can be fitted with different adapters to accommodate your hose requirements.

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Pressure Relief Valves on Pillow Tanks

The pressure relief valve can be placed on the tank and is mostly done for safety purposes. Although you can control the flow of liquid into the tank, accidents can happen. The pressure relief valves are installed mostly as an emergency/precautionary measure during the storage of your liquids.

Additional accessories that can be added to these tanks includes the following:

  • Emergency Plugs
  • Drain Ports for Cleaning
  • Operational Spare Parts
  • Repair Kits
  • Ground Cloths/Berms

Construction of a Drinking Water Pillow Tank

Our Pillow Tanks for drinking water storage are manufactured using durable coated fabrics which are NSF 61 and FDA compliant. Sizing for these tanks can be made in capacities that range anywhere from 25 gallons to 210,000 gallons in size. For your 20,000 liter requirements, please let us know if you have any spacing restrictions.


Questions? We can help! Call us: +1-863-270-8118 or contact us to discuss your project.