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Poly Tanks for Water Storage

FAQ: Can Poly Tanks Be Used to Store Fresh and Waste Water?

Question: I'm looking for poly tanks, around 500 gallons each to help store waste water and fresh water. What options do you have available for plastic water tanks?

elliptical tanksAnswer: Poly tanks are manufactured with linear polyethylene that provides them with excellent chemical resistance and allows them to outlast a standard steel tank. Typically made with a resin that is FDA approved for drinking water, these tanks are well equipped for the storage.

Additionally, their polyethylene construction allows them to be safe and suitable for the storage of rain and drinking water. For the capacity that you have requested, there are a couple of different tank options that could work.

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Plastic Water Storage Tanks

Elliptical horizontal storage tanks are designed for large capacity storage and non-DOT regulated transportation applications. These plastic tanks can store anywhere from 200-4035 gallons, with 1000-2625 gallons containing anti-surge baffles. These elliptical horizontal storage tanks are UV stabilized and contain molded in legs, allowing you to safely store them outdoors without worrying about damage due to the elements.

Below Ground Water Storage Tank

below ground water storage tankA Below Ground Water Storage Tank is an ideal way to store rainwater or drinking water without worrying about safety or contamination due to flimsy structuring. These plastic water tanks are manufactured with a rugged, ribbed exterior that provides the extra strength and durability required for underground storage.

Additionally, these below ground tanks are incredibly light-weight, making them easy to transport. This will allow you to move and install them in various locations such as homes, construction sites, cabins, and more. With FDA approval, these water storage tanks are a great way to safely store drinking water.

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