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Arizona Water Storage

Using Water Tanks in Arizona for Drought Mitigation

Lake Powell in Arizona
Lake Powell at Half Capacity
Arizona has always had a water supply problem. Most water is imported from elsewhere with a majority coming from the Colorado River. However, the river hasn't received as much from runoff since 2000. The Lake Mead and Lake Powell reservoirs are at least half empty. Even in-state reservoirs, such as Roosevelt Lake, are below 50% capacity. Groundwater supplies throughout the state are shrinking as well. So what can be done?

State and local governments have a number of programs in place for Arizona water storage. Some of the water coming from the Colorado River and its reservoirs is kept in underground aquifers, saved for a time when the supply dwindles even further. Laws and programs have been passed and enacted to protect groundwater supplies and encourage citizens to use less in their homes.

There are options for individual residents as well. Water tanks in Arizona are regular features on many private and small business lots to store water for future use. Water Storage Tanks has outdoor water tanks, underground tanks, and potable water tanks for sale as product solutions to these areas.

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Water Solutions for Arizona Drought

Sonoran Desert in ArizonaThe current drought in Arizona has lasted over 20 years with few signs of abatement. Many drought mitigation processes are taken care of through city, county, and state programs. Through the Governor's Drought Task Force, the Arizona Drought Preparedness Plan was developed and adopted. County-level drought impact groups coordinate public awareness, provide information, and initiate local mitigation plans. Individuals do what they can with the resources available, lessening water consumption, using low-flow utilities, and saving in water tanks for the future.

Most rural areas in Arizona aren't connected to municipal water systems, so they must rely on ground water wells. With groundwater levels receding at a rapid rate due to the Arizona drought, many of these wells are drying up, leaving residents without an adequate water source. Many rely on water trucks to regularly deliver potable water to their private outdoor water tanks or underground cisterns. Water Storage Tanks has water tanks in Arizona to help in several ways: water tank trailers for water delivery, cistern liners, or potable water tank storage.

Rainwater Collection System for Arizona Monsoon Season

monsoon in ArizonaDespite the seemly never-ending drought, Arizona does have a monsoon season. From June to September, Arizona has higher humidity, leading to thunderstorms, flooding, dust storms, and more severe weather. The eastern and southeastern areas of Arizona receive half their annual rainfall during this four month period. Municipalities and residents try to store as much water as possible during the Arizona monsoon season to help drought mitigation later in the year.

Tucson offers rebates to help residents subsidize the installation of rainwater collection systems for the purpose of plant irrigation. The Tucson rainwater harvesting program includes a free required workshop and project planning help. Residents and small businesses can receive up to $2,000 dollars, plus save money on their water bills. Rainwater harvesting also reduces flooding and erosion by keeping more rainwater on-site. Water Storage Tanks has Rainwater Collection Systems and Tanks ready to help with Tucson rainwater harvesting or anywhere within the state.

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