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Cistern Liner to Fit Existing Concrete Cistern Made in the USA by GEI Works

FAQ: Why do I need a cistern liner for my concrete cistern tank?

cistern liners

Question: Can you please provide information on a cistern liner for a 10' D x 14' H concrete cistern? Also, can you help me understand why I need one? What do most customers do with these?

Answer: Our Cistern Water Tank Liner is drinking water grade. The cistern liner is ideal for improving and supplementing the supply of drinking water to island communities, remote villages, private homes, or housing developments. We can make the liner to your exact specifications, so size is not an issue. The fabrics used in the manufacturing of these liners, portable tanks, and cistern tanks are FDA and NSF 61 compliant for potable water use.

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Cistern Liner Options

Depending on your storage requirements and the type of materials you are looking to store, different options may work better than others for this type of storage. In general, cistern liners for concrete cisterns are typically made from fabrics that can match your liquid storage requirements.

In order to determine the right size for your Cistern Tank, additional information we may require includes:

  • Tank Material
  • Piping or Fittings needing to be worked around

rainwater collapsible tankLiners for these tanks are usually made from the same fabrics used in our collapsible water tanks. This means that the materials will be robust, equipped for water storage, and more than ready to handle your materials. Cistern liners are an incredibly economical way to fix old concrete cisterns since the tanks don't not need to be replaced, only mended.

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Unsure whether to use a Cistern Liner or a Pillow Tank?

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