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Cistern Tanks for Underground Water Storage

FAQ: What are my options for underground cistern tanks?

Question: I am looking for cistern tanks that can be placed underground. I have heard that plastic is a good choice, do you have this or any other underground tanks?

plastic cistern tanksAnswer: Rainwater Collection Tanks are a great choice for rainwater collection, storage, and reuse in locations such as homes, businesses, and even industrial facilities. For this type of underground storage, we have several different tanks available including apolyethylene and fiberglass unit.

If you are specific interested in a plastic unit, the underground plastic storage tank is great choice. This ribbed exterior tank offers a high resistance to underground materials and has often been placed or buried in various locations. The poly material has a high resistance to rust and corrosion and is built strong for underground pressures.

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Plastic Underground Water Tanks

The Plastic Underground Water Tanks are built with ribbed polyethylene exteriors that equip them for water storage in underground locations. These tanks offer the safety of a drinking water storage tank with the exterior that can handle soil and other underground conditions.

plastic cistern tanksFeatures for this polyethylene tank include:

      • Seamless Polyethylene Construction
      • Light Weight for Fast Installation
      • FDA Approved Resin
      • Self-Locking Watertight Covers
      • Ribbed Exterior

These features help this underground water tank to be installed easily and safely in various locations. The light weight exterior allow the tank to be smoothly maneuvered into underground storage locations, while the ribbed exteriors keep the tank stable during storage. For further information about plastic tank options, read more about Poly Tanks Here.

Fiberglass Underground Tanks

Fiberglass Underground Storage Tanks are extremely similar in nature to the polyethylene cistern tanks, and can safely be used to store and collect rainwater in underground locations. Features include:

  • Fiberglass Exteriorscistern water bladder tank
  • Traffic-Rated Tanks Available
  • Tough Material to Prevent Cracking, Denting or Leaking
  • FDA Approved Resins Available

In addition to these underground fiberglass tanks, we also offer several other collapsible rainwater collection tanks that can be stored in other locations such as under decks and in basement crawl spaces. These collapsible tanks feature larger storage capacities and have flexible designs to fit in unique storage spaces. Learn More

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