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Plastic Tank Accessories

Poly tank accessories are an economical way to add needed features to water or septic tanks, drums or pallets, various other chemical tanks. Storage plastic tank accessories for septic and water tanks include manhole extensions and lid and riser combinations allowing you to adjust, customize, and secure your tank to its needed specifications.

To protect your oil drums or pallets from outside weather, an outdoor storage cover is designed with an elastic bottom that allows it to stay secure regardless of outside elements. If you need an effective and economical restraining system, tie down kits contain PVC coated wire cable and adjustable steel turn buckles that will help secure your tank in any non-seismic condition.

These tank accessories can also be used for rainwater storage tanks above or below ground.

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  • Outdoor Storage Cover
    Storage Cover
  • Tie Down Kits

    Tie Down Kits

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  • Manhole Extensions
  • Lid and Riser Combinations
  • Septic and Water Tank Lid
manhole extension
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  • Elastic Bottom
  • Large See-Through Pocket
  • Available for 2 or 4 Drum Storage Cover
Outdoor Storage Cover
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  • PVC Coated Wire Cable
  • Adjustable Steel Turn Buckles
  • Economical
  • Non-Seismic
tie down kits
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Storage Tank Fittings
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Plastic Water Tank Accessories
Part Number Item Description
 TN1001TA    Manhole Extension 15"H x 20"  
 TN1003TA    Manhole Extension 24" H x  
 TN1004TA    20" Lid & 12" Riser  
 TN20XXTL    20" Septic and Water Tank Lid  
Outdoor Storage Covers
Part Number
Tie-Down Kits (Non-Seismic)
Contact sales office for detail on Seismic Restraint Kits
Part Number Item Description
 TC1700TK    1700 or Less  
 TC2000TK    2000 to 3200  
 TC3600TK    3600 and Larger  

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