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Tank Options for Water Storage

Customer wanted 5025 gallon water storage tank options to store drinking water around their location and asked:

I see you have a lot of water storage tank options. I want a 5025 gallon water storage tank and I am wondering what options are available to me.


Hello there! Thanks for your inquiry. I'm happy to help. We have a few options for your desired water storage application. Choose from collapsible pillow tanks, poly tanks, or steel tanks.

Collapsible Pillow Tanks:

collapsible water tanksCollapsible Pillow Tanks and Water Bags are designed for a multitude residential, commercial and industrial applications. They are cost effective for storing all kinds of liquid over short periods or for many years indoors and outdoors.

Our pillow tanks are made from heavy duty industrial fabrics which are approved for contact with stored liquids. An MSDS may be required for some chemicals to determine contact times and best materials for the storage application. This ensures correct materials and configuration for each and every project!

Poly Tanks:

poly water tanksPoly Tanks are manufactured with linear polyethylene. A poly tank can have several applications including chemical mixing, chemical storage, agricultural use, drinking water storage, septic storage, and much more.

Steel Tanks

steel storage tanksThe Steel Storage Tank is the wave of the future for water storage. Our tanks are made of stainless, corrugated galvanized, bolted, or welded steel, which is strong, affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. It's repairable, lasts up to 50 years or more, can withstand severe weather and natural disasters, and it's 100% recyclable! Any one of these styles could easily be transported on a flat car. A member of our tech team will be contacting you to discuss your requirements and assist you in finding the best possible solution for your application. View all Water Storage Tank Options

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