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NSF 61 and Grey Water Tanks

FAQ: Do you sell NSF 61 Fresh & Grey Water Tanks?

Question: I am looking for NSF 61 freshwater and grey water tanks I can use in the installation process of our little business for building concession kitchens out of used ctrailers and trucks. I need at least a 23 to 24 gallon freshwater tank, and a grey water tank 15 % larger. I looked at your flexible water bag tanks. They look interesting.

Right now, I need the tech data for the health inspectors and pricing. Are these tanks approved for drinking water storage? Do the tanks have any flange fasteners for attachment? flexible drinking water tanks

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! In terms of water storage, we do offer two separate water storage tanks, one that is NSF 61 and FDA approved for drinking water and another that is rated for standard grey water storage. Both could be perfect for use as water tanks to build concession kitchens in your location.

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Drinking Water Storage Tanks

For drinking water storage, tanks will be built with an interior liner that has been NSF 61 and FDA approved for the safe storage of drinking water. This will allow drinking water to be held in these tanks until their needed time of consumption.

Grey Water Storage Tanks

grey water tanks

Grey water flexible tanks, by contrast, will be rated to store water but will not be FDA approved for drinking water applications. These grey water flexible tanks have been used in several different storage applications including storage for process water, production water, rainwater, and more.

Flexible Tanks

All flexible tanks are built with robust fabrics that allow them to be safely used in several different locations, included concession stands. These tanks can be stored in interior frames, as you have described, or in outdoor locations to supply water to your equipment.


In terms of fittings, flexible tanks can be designed with almost any fitting including flanges with female thread, ball valves, and camlocks. If there is a specific size or type fitting you require for your site, please let us know and we will see if this is something that can be placed on your tank. Standard sizes for our fittings range from 3/4" to 2", although larger options between 4" and 6" are also available upon request.

Our friendly staff is here to help you get the exact tank you need!

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