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Collapsible Tank for Water Collection

FAQ: Can collapsible tanks be tightly packaged for shipment and resuse?

Question: Customer was looking for a 1,000 liter collapsible water tank that could be use around their facility and asked the following question:

We are just looking at different water storage options as the normal water drums you get in 1,000 liters or 5,000 liters are very expensive to transport. They are used on farms and rural areas for showers, drinking water, etc. Once the drums are placed, they will not be moved again.

The cost to transport those big drums is huge. So we are looking to collapse and roll them up. Instead of having three or four drums on a truck, we will be able to transport about 100 tanks. Can you do this? Please give me your collapsible tank details and I will send you all my details, along with some pictures of what kind of tank we are looking for. We are looking for an option that can help with rainwater.

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flexible raiwnater collection tanks

Answer: Thanks for contacting us! Collapsible tanks are excellent option for the type of storage and transportation you are looking to achieve. As you have suggested, these tanks can easily be rolled up and moved to your needed areas to store water and prevent the hassle of having to move several large drums.


Flexible Tanks and Rainwater Storage

In regards to rainwater storage and collection, the flexible tank can certainly be used. Depending on your location, these tanks have often been hooked up to downspouts and other collection devices to store, collect, and reuse rainwater. This sort of system could be used to help you collect rainwater where it is needed most rather than having to transport tanks back and forth.

Components of the Flexible Tank will include the following:

  • Robust Fabric Materials for Outdoor Use and Rainwater Collection
  • Fitting Options to Accommodate your Location
  • FDA Approved Fabrics for Drinking Water (if needed)
  • Folding or Rolling Exteriors
  • Lie Flat when Empty Option

For more information on the flexible tanks and how they have been used in rainwater applications, please check out our Flexible Rainwater Storage Tanks Page. Pricing for smaller sized tanks, such as our 1,000 liter collapsible water tank model may also be available in our web store.

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