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Caribbean Water Storage

Water Storage Tanks for Caribbean Islands Countries

Drought in the CaribbeanBetween climate change and hurricane damage, freshwater is becoming scarce in the Caribbean. Drought and freshwater shortages are consequences of climate change in the Caribbean Islands, while hurricanes damage or contaminate the water supply. As a result, water storage has become a serious concern among the members of the Association of Caribbean States, particularly in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

We have a variety of tanks for both potable and non-potable freshwater. They can withstand Caribbean water treatment methods, whether bleaching or filters are used. We have multiple sizes and materials available to fit island geography, water demand for crops, and individual household needs. See our water storage tank applications page for more information.

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Corrugated Steel Tanks

corrugated steel tankA Caribbean drought often lasts multiple years, causing the failure of crops on many islands. To prepare for such instances, many governments and businesses build large water storage tanks to hold thousands of gallons ready for irrigation. These tanks must be able to withstand both drought conditions and the stormy hurricane season.

Corrugated Steel Tanks from Water Storage Tanks provide the right storage for both droughts and hurricanes. Tanks can be built to hold up to 700,000 gallons of water ? more than enough to help some crops survive a Caribbean drought. Some models of our steel tanks are wind rated up to 115 MPH, but they can be custom engineered for higher speeds. They're also an economical choice, as they ship at 1% of their full assembled size to save on costs.

Cistern Tanks and Liners

cistern linerCisterns are common additions to Caribbean housing. As many Caribbean Islands countries do not have municipal water systems, potable water becomes the responsibility of individual households. Rainwater is the easiest Caribbean water source to collect during the wet months and store in the cisterns during the dry months of Caribbean drought.

Water Storage Tanks offers both cistern tanks and simple cistern liners, depending on the needs of each individual residence. Cisterns can be made out of any number of materials, including concrete, fiberglass, or wood. Fiberglass Cisterns are usually separate tanks that don't need liners, and they can handle any Caribbean water treatment. Concrete or wood cisterns require either a Flexible Bladder Tank to hold the water within the cistern shell or a Cistern Liner to keep water from leaking or becoming contaminated after filtering.

Poly Tanks for Caribbean Water Storage

poly tanksPlastic Polyethylene Tanks are one of the most versatile tank options available. With capacities ranging up to 10,000 gallons, towns and villages can use them for potable and non-potable community water supplies. Water shops in Jamaica can use poly tanks to store their inventory. Smaller tank sizes work well in rainwater capture systems for both businesses and residences. Even the tank shapes are varied with horizontal and vertical tanks available for above and underground storage.

Water Storage Tanks is ready to help the Association of Caribbean States and other islands combat water scarcity and drought conditions. Our tanks can help alleviate the consequences of climate change in the Caribbean Islands for governments and private citizens.

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