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Compressed Air Storage Tank

Manufactured by Highland Tank

Air Receiver Tank, air receiver tanks, compressed air ceiver tanks, compressed air receiver tank Our air receiver tank stores compressed air and allows pressure to be equalized in compressed air systems. Designed for use with compressed air systems, these units can provide a backup supply of compressed air to help your system run smoothly and relieve short-term compressed air shortages.

The compressed air storage tanks has been built to ASME pressure vessel codes with the standard pressure ratings of 125 and 150 psi. In addition to increasing efficiencies of air compression systems, these tanks have also been used to remove moisture and entrained oil from the air. Exceedingly Reliable Yet Simplistic, this is one tank that won't let you down.

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Standard Features

  • Manufactured to ASME Code
  • 125 - 150 psi Pressure
  • Inlet and Outlet Connections
  • Bottom Drain Outlet
  • Pressure Gauge Connection
  • Safety Relief Valve Connection
  • Inspection Openings
  • Exterior Gray Alkyd Shop Primer

Sizing is based on the air compressor system: one (1) gallon of storage for each Actual Cubic Feet per Minute.

SIZING TIP: V = Cr x (Ci/Co)

Complete the equation with the following units:

  • V = Air Receiver Volume (cubic ft)
  • Cr = Compressor Rating (cubic ft/min free air)
  • Ci = Compressor Inlet Free Air (psia)
  • Co = Compressor Outlet Pressure (psia)

Technical Specifications

Airflow Capacity:

  • 100 - 10,000 (CFM)
  • 170 - 17,000 (m3/hr)

Recommended Receiver Volume:

  • 13 - 1,340 (cu ft)
  • 100 - 10,000 (gal)
  • 0.4 - 38 (m3)

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