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Flash Steel Tank

Boiler System Flash Tanks Recover and Reuse Heat Efficiently

Flash Tanks, flash tank, what is a flash tank Flash tanks are used in boiler systems to recover and reuse the boiler blowdown heat. Designed to maximize efficiency and minimize energy usage, the tank recovers heat by routing blown down liquid through it.

The flash storeage tank works in boiler systems by connecting to boiler. From here, blow down water (typically the same heat as steam) can be passed through the tank. This steel tank can then convert this heated water to heat for system by means of a heat exchanger. This can help you save on fuel costs and help comply with local codes that limit high-temperature discharge into sewer systems.

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Standard Features

  • Manufactured to ASME Code
  • 150 psi
  • Tangential Blowdown Inlet
  • Tank Vent
  • Bottom Drain Outlet
  • Pressure Gauge Connection
  • Safety Relief Valve Connection
  • exterior Gray Alkyd Shop Primer

    Flash Tanks Technical Specifications

  • Diameter: 6 5/8" - 20"
  • Overall Height: 39" - 51"
  • Inlet: 2" - 8"
  • Outlet: 1 1/2" - 2"
  • Vent: 2 1/2" - 8"
  • Maximum Condensate Load: 2,000 - 30,000 lbs/hr
  • Maximum Flash Load: 500 - 4,000 lbs/hr
  • Pipe Thread A: 3/4" - 2"
  • Pipe Thread B: 1/2"

Boiler blowndown is typically performed in boiler systems to help reduce the amount of suspended solids and sludge found in your boiler tank. When left untreated, these solids can build up to cause increased scaling and increased fuel costs. Helping to control these tanks, several different steel tanks, including boiler blowndown and thermal expansion tanks, can be connected to your system to increase its performance ability.

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