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Thermal Expansion Tanks

For Use in Water Heating Systems

thermal expansion tank, thermal expansion tankOur Thermal Expansion Tank is a key component in any water heating system. It controls the pressure and holds the thermal expansion and contraction of the water. This type of expansion typically occurs during that storage of hot water. As the water in your system heats up, its volume dramatically expands, often causing pressure and problems to your storage tank.

These steel thermal pressure tanks help to control the expanding of your water system. Small and bladderless, these water tanks are installed near the system's highest point and have all of the necessary openings for valve, gauge, and control installation.

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Technical Specifications:

Vertical or Horizontal
Aboveground or Underground
6" to 12'0"
Up to 70'0"
Maximum Weight
70 tons
Steel Rolling
Up to 1 1/4" thick x 120" wide
Carbon Steel: SA516 GR70-P1
Stainless Steel: Type 304, 304L, 316, 316L-P8

These water expansion tanks have been used in several different areas to help control the expansion of water inside your tank during hot water use. Tanks can be used in a wide range of locations including:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Industrial Facilities

As an ASME pressure vessel, these units have been built to meet the required standards set for safely and effectively storing this type of expanding water. Controlling the excessive amount of pressure formed by heated water can help to keep your tank durable, rugged, and operational during the extent of its water storage use.

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